Based on 100% HTML5 & WebRTC, your live con­fer­enc­ing runs in your brows­er with­out addi­tion­al downloads.

Bandwidth Friendly

Designed to work always, in any setting.

Enterprise Grade Security

Pro­tect your data with SHA-256 with RSA encryption

HD Video Conferencing

Up to high def­i­n­i­tion video qual­i­ty and con­tent shar­ing in 1080p.

Record Your Meetings

Up to high def­i­n­i­tion video qual­i­ty and con­tent shar­ing in 1080p.

Broadcast Live

On Face­book or YouTube, wher­ev­er your audi­ence is.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen, app win­dows or brows­er tabs with no lag and with crys­tal clear quality.

Controlled Layouts

Take con­trol of your webi­na­rs and vir­tu­al class­rooms by arrang­ing the screens exact­ly as you want them.

User View Modes

Make video con­fer­enc­ing more user-friend­ly. Let users change their view.

Questions & Answers

Let your par­tic­i­pants ask ques­tions dur­ing a video conference.


Cre­ate cus­tom, engag­ing polls dur­ing your video conference.

Multi-User Whiteboard

Share and explain com­plex con­cepts interactively.

Content Library

Upload and share files with your audience.

Breakout Rooms

Offer a ded­i­cat­ed space to work on inter­ac­tive group assignments.

Intuitive Interface

Typog­ra­phy, spac­ing and all ele­ments fit togeth­er per­fect­ly for a great aes­thet­ic sense and feeling.

Text Chat

Ful­ly inter­ac­tive pub­lic group chat or pri­vate messages.

File Sharing

Share files of any for­mat right with­in your conference.

Share Video

Engage your audi­ence with con­tent from YouTube.

Mobile Browser Access

Con­nect from any phone, tablet, or mobile device – with­out downloads.

Email Invitations

Invite atten­dees and sched­ule meet­ings with ease.